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car valuation dubai


As first in the Region we introduced Car Valuation already in 2009!

Now we are back with a the best valuation product ever! Data Value is the first company combing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support its valuation team with the best possible data.
This is never been seen in the Middle Easty and ensurs all our customers to get the best possible data and most accurate values.

Car Valuation, we are passionate about providing accurate and reliable vehicle valuations services you can rely on. We utilize Big Data with various machine learning techniques to accurately value cars for finance and insurance companies. Thanks to our expertise and tireless research, we offer one of the most sophisticated car valuation services in the GCC.


We start all our client relationships by getting to know the business we’re helping. Once we have a full understanding of your business’s goals and strategic requirements, we’ll create a bespoke solution that helps you to make decisions with confidence.


Whether you need to accurately price a car insurance policy or issue finance for a vehicle, we can help. We also provide car valuation services for companies who need to buy and sell cars.


We have developed longstanding relationships with companies in many sectors. Our clients include OEMs, distributors, finance providers, insurance providers, and government agencies.


Want to know how we can help your business? Click on the relevant section below to find out more about our car valuation services — we’re the first in The Middle East for customer satisfaction and accuracy.

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