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Claims Products

Claims-ratio improvement, 5% - 20% lower

Claims handling: 20% - 50% lower costs

Technical and statistical analysis

Improving the quality of the damage repair process

Detect potential fraud

Updating and improving the technical rules

The validation of a portfolio (for example: shareholders, audits, etc.)

A review of repair companies and experts (repairer classification)

The more efficient use of experts

Claims Management Filter ®

CMF ®, Claims Management Filter®, is eData's cutting-edge data analytics tool that transforms claims handling, leading to significant cost savings and a reduction in fraudulent claims.

Analysis and control of your customer portfolio

Independent tool for validation according to the requirements of: Solvency II (ORSA), IAS / IFRS 17

Cost-effective management control

Estimation, validation and predictive power of a portfolio

Improving profitability

Optimize the portfolio composition

Calculate correct damage provision for insurers

Review future premiums per risk group

Setting up and prognostising the revenue settlement (care)


Integral Financial Modelling ®

IFM ® has been the trusted choice of (inter)national clients for over two decades, providing them with tangible benefits on a daily basis.

Strategical data projects

Pricing of products and services

Actuarial questions

Validation of models and results

Certification of actuarial portfolio

Detailed analysis of portfolio


Data analysis

Data Analysis: The Key to Unlocking Hidden Value and Driving Insurance Success

Data analysis is the cornerstone of a successful insurance company.

Enhanced accuracy and consistency

Real-time cost estimation

Fraud detection and prevention

Optimized repair networks

Data-driven benchmarking

Predictive modeling

Improved customer satisfaction

Competitive advantage

Regulatory compliance


Benchmark AI

Insurers can reap numerous benefits by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their cost benchmarking and claims processes. Discover some compelling reasons why insurers use InsureFlow solutions embracing AI in this domain.




Damage determining by AI video

Video and artificial intelligence are having a major impact on the insurance industry. These technologies are being used to assess the condition of property before and after accidents, estimate the cost of repairs, and prevent fraud.

1.Enhanced Efficiency and Streamlined Processes

2.Automates manual data extraction and entry processes

3.Reduces processing times and handles a higher volume of documents

4.Eliminates tedious manual handling and improves overall workflow

5.Improved Accuracy and Data Integrity

6.Accurately identifies, extracts, and interprets data from various documents

7.Reduces the risk of human error and ensures data consistency

8.Enhances data integrity and reliability for informed decision-making

9.Intelligent Document Classification and Routing

10.Intelligently classifies documents based on content, type, and relevance

11.Facilitates the routing of documents to the appropriate departments

12.Ensures timely and efficient handling of documents

13.Fraud Detection and Risk Mitigation

14.Analyzes patterns and anomalies in document data to identify potential fraud

15.Proactively detects and prevents fraudulent claims

16.Protects business interests and reduces financial losses

17.Personalized Customer Experience and Improved Communication

18.Enables personalized customer interactions based on extracted data

19.Tailored communication based on individual customer needs

20.Enhances customer satisfaction and fosters stronger relationships

21.Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

22.Assists in adhering to stringent regulatory requirements

23.Ensures compliance with document management, data storage, and privacy standards

24.Avoids potential legal or financial repercussions

25.Reduced Costs and Improved Resource Allocation

26.Reduces labor costs through automation

27.Optimizes resource allocation and improves operational efficiency

28.Leads to cost savings and enhanced profitability

29.Data-Driven Insights for Strategic Decision Making

30.Provides valuable insights into customer behavior, risk patterns, and trends

31.Empowers informed strategic decisions and optimizes pricing strategies

32.Enhances customer service and overall business performance

33.Future-Proofing for Technological Advancements

34.Continuously evolves and adapts to new technologies and data formats

36.Ensures companies are well-positioned to leverage future advancements

37.Maintains a competitive edge in the insurance industry

AI Document Scanning Engine

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing document scanning in the insurance industry, bringing about significant advancements in efficiency, accuracy, and overall customer experience.

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